Rent a meeting room in the stadium

Rent a meeting room where the world’s greatest sports heroes have been? That’s possible in the Olympic Stadium. Together we will organize an inspiring and unforgettable event.

Zaalverhuur Olympisch stadion

130 m2 - 80/100 people

1928 Olympic Room

The 1928 Olympic Room used to be the home of trainers, players and press. Now it is a completely renovated presentation and meeting room and fully equipped with all conveniences. The room is located next to the main entrance and with a few steps you are on the field. Ideal for (press) presentations, trainings and meetings. Meetings in the Olympic Stadium can be held with small or large groups: this room can accommodate 80-100 people, depending on the setup.

Playground for business growth

54 m2 - 12/14 people


Permanence? Yes, that is the central place where before and after the cycling race all actions took place, such as the distribution of the numbers and the accreditations. This room can accommodate up to 14 people, has a large conference table and is fully equipped. The room is bright and located right next to the main entrance of the Olympic Stadium: meeting with a view of the sacred grass. Ideal for presentations, training sessions or small-group meetings.

30 m2 - 12 people

Jan Wils

A room named after the architect of the Olympic Stadium is of course not to be missed. Jan Wils designed a very recognizable stadium in the style of the Amsterdam School. For the design, Wils received a gold Olympic medal. The architecture component was a recognized part of the 1928 Olympics. This hall is also used for meetings or training sessions and overlooks the field.

Wonderful to look out on the field. Our team really had an inspiring morning at the Olympic Stadium.

193 m2 - 80/100 people

Sports Canteen

The sports canteen can be used for meetings, conferences and team sessions for up to 100 people. It is nice to use the informal setting of the canteen, but we can also convert it into a stylish hall for you.

30 m2 - 12 people

Fanny Blankers-Koen

The room is named after the world’s fastest. Blankers-Koen put the Netherlands back on the world map for the first time since World War II with four gold medals at the 1948 London Olympics. This room is suitable for training sessions, meetings and team sessions.

For the third half


Do you opt for a healthy sports breakfast or just a ’third half’ with drinks and bitterballs? Complete your corporate event with our customized catering.


Some examples of our arrangements:

  • Athletics, boxing, rugby, soccer or handball clinic
  • Soccer match on the holy grass
  • Lighting the Olympic Flame at the beginning of the company day
  • Just 4 Fun: think bubble soccer or taking an ice bath under supervision
  • Guided tour with an explanation of the history or architecture

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