Flashy backdrop on historic ground

A location fee is charged for photo and film productions. Feel free to ask about the possibilities and our rates.

Fotografie en filmopnamen

The best pictures

From promotional photos to commercials

The Olympic Stadium is a perfect location for taking promotional photos, shooting commercials or commissioned work. In consultation, we plan a date and coordinate the production schedule as best we can.


Eli Samuel


Filming in the Olympic Stadium has something magical about it. As if you yourself are an elite athlete going out onto the field and having to give your best at that moment.

Playground for fun

From the tower

Marathon Tower

It is possible to photograph from the Marathon Tower on request. It is however a climb with some narrow stairs, bringing heavy equipment is therefore not recommended.

From above


If you have the proper permits, you may fly a drone around the Olympic Stadium. Of course, we do like to receive the permit before flying.

  View the relevant guidelines and conditions for flying drones here.

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