Your corporate event in the Olympic Stadium

Both small and large companies can visit the Olympic Stadium for an unforgettable corporate day.


The third half

Work, sports and fun

For example, start the day with an inspirational session, a workshop or presentation, invite a speaker to the field for the entire company and end the day with a nice sports afternoon and end with a third half. An ideal mix of work, sports and conviviality. What company wouldn’t want that? We like to think along with you. The possibilities are endless.

Playground for business growth

Let’s make history together.

For every employee

Unique company day

You can opt for a standard company day, but you can also make it unforgettable. One of those days that will be talked about for years to come. Then together we go for that one special idea, that special wish.

For example, which of your employees dares to enter the ice bath, or puts on the boxing gloves during a clinic? The best things happen outside the comfort zone, and that is also good for the atmosphere in the company.

From 14 to 100 people

The rooms

  • 1928 Olympic Room – 130 m2 – 80/100 people
  • Permanence – 54 m2 – 14 people
  • Jan Wils – 30 m2 – 12 people
  • Sports canteen – 193 m2 – 80/100 people
  • Fanny Blankers-Koen – 52 m2 – 14 people

Good atmosphere

Team Building

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Taking an ice bath under supervision
  • Athletics, boxing, rugby, soccer or handball clinic
  • Inviting speakers: for example, well-known athletes or trainers
  • Mutual soccer match on the sacred grass
  • A unique tour of the Olympic Stadium

Closing in style

BBQ on the terrace of honor

And after the sporting challenges, you’ve earned a snack and a drink. End the day in style with a BBQ on the Terrace of Honor.

Is your idea not here? We like to think of what is possible, so feel free to ask.

Zij gingen je voor

''With good accessibility, parking and more than 290 m2 exclusively available, the Olympic Stadium was praised for good reason as: ''The most inspiring location in the Netherlands.''
''On June 22, 2022 we had the opportunity to organize a fantastic event at this unique location. With over 30 people an intimate event around leadership development, where all our ideas were embraced and together with the organization we made it a party. Changing rooms, stands, fancy rooms and the center spot in the stadium became part of this day that our participants fondly remember.''
The Millennials - next generation leaders
''Sport connects, inspires and motivates. And that is exactly the feeling when you walk into the Olympic Stadium. It's a magical place where you can work wonderfully.''
Bertram Veen - Talent Empowerment

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